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Red Wine


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The Greek God of light, the Sun, prophecy, philosophy, archery, truth, poetry, music, arts, and medicine was our inspiration when carefully curating this special selection of red wines from the regions of Peloponnese, Crete, and Koutsi that blend different varieties of indigenous grapes.


Semeli Spondee Red 2016 - 750ML

The expectations for the mouth raised by the complex, balanced and elegant nose, are totally met, as the signature varietal traits unfold gradually. Generous and spicy, with round, quite soft tannins, well balanced by alcohol, this wine brings a full mouthfeel to the palate.

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Dafnios Red 2017 - 750ML

Its aroma will surprise you with its bouquet of spices such as olives, rich dark fruits, and hints of tannins that will age and mature unfolding -as time passes- aromas of nuts, raisins, and leather. 

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Nostos Blend Red 2017 - 750ML

Vivid crimson color, clarity, and nose with character and intensity, which are composed of notes of black fruit jam, spices, leather, and herbs. In the mouth, the sequence of perfumes develops tension and characteristic acidity, volume, and softened tannins.

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Aspros Lagos Red 2017 - 750ML

The wine is dark ruby, nearly purple, coloured. It has a rich, complex aromatic bouquet, including gooseberry, a whole range of dark fruits, pepper, and hints of vanilla from the barrel. Its flavour is full and rich in fruity and spicy characteristics. The structure is balanced and the tannins are rich and powerful.

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